What are's key features?

Standard data schema and simple integration with any ERP system

InvOpt uses proprietary fast, best-in class mathematical modeling and computational algorithms as published by the developers in academic peer-reviewed journals such as Operations Research, Manufacturing & Service Operations Management, European Journal of Operational Research, Naval Research Quarterly, and others.

Comprehensive business process for setting policies, supporting planner decisions, and managing an integrated planning process

InvOpt®.com is a proven, proprietary business process with metrics supported by a set of web based software tools. InvOpt®.com enables companies to manage and support its planning teams to optimize inventory and service levels objectives. InvOpt®.com provides the professional facing a complex product mix and significant uncertainty with an effective, fast, and affordable solution for inventory and service level optimization via a web-based platform combining...
the structured process guides the user to establish and maintain the optimal inventory and service levels over the long term;
the SaaS optimization engine, wizards, dashboards and reporting cube enable the user to optimize inventories with ease and minimal investment of time and money; and
comprehensive training and educational materials covering from the fundamentals to the "how to" of inventory optimization.

User empowered report creation for business analytics, intelligence and insights


Integration with any ERP system